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Form and functionality collide with style in the NexStar 3 External SATA Hard Drive Enclosure from Vantec. The sturdy drive cage protects your hard drive while the aluminum case effectively draws away the heat, protecting your drive from overheating. The NexStar 3 features eSATA (external Serial ATA) and USB 2.0 interfaces offering speeds up to 3Gbps or 480Mbps respectively. 

Keep your documents safe, BACKUP! We offer a full line of external hard drives ranging in size from 500GB to 2TB to fit your needs. Prices starting at $99.00!

You run the show
Multiple inputs let you connect your PC, game console, iPod®, DVD player, and more.

You’re surrounded
It envelops you, immersing you in the action—rich, immersive surround sound, even from two-channel stereo sources.

Turn it up
Fill the room with 75 watts (RMS) of power—and rattle a few windows while you’re at it.



Running Legal Blues by Jeff Head

Running Legal Blues tells of his journey towards running compliant and the costs he has paid to do so; those of losing friends from blowing the whistle on a gas tanker company who thought drivers were a dime a dozen and why he got into a lease purchase program to get his first truck among other stories of his life as both an outlaw and compliant driver.